Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1144 - Steelers Fan



Here in Las Vegas, we may be among the most populous cities in the country without a major sports team franchise, but then again we’ve got all those Sports Books to spend our free time in, right? But that doesn’t mean that we’re not thrilled that it’s football season again! All we have to say is: Thank goodness for big screen TVs. And football parties. With cakes — lots and lots of cakes! Or cupcakes. Or cake pops.


We all know that when you’re hanging out with friends and watching your favorite teams play each week, there’s lots of salty snacks around. (Okay – and maybe beer.) Which means there’s always that one perfect moment when let’s face it – you’re dying for something sweet. And what goes better with a gathering of football fans than Football Cakes!


And while we’re chatting about football – how about some Foot”Ball” Trivia? Did you know that since 1941, Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been the official ballmaker for the NFL. All balls designed for professional use are stamped with “NFL” on them – and they also bear the signature of the League commissioner. (Can we say: “Hand Cramp”?) A box containing 24 new balls is opened before each game; 12 balls are put into play during each half. After the game, the balls are used for practices. (You’ll thank us when you dazzle your buddies with your amazing football knowledge.)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #1087 - Football


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 246 - Football Anyone?


You can keep it simple (or fake out your friends) with a whole cake in the shape of a football (so realistic you’ll want to hike it) – adding your preferred team embellishments as shown above. Or maybe it would be more fun to just build your own playing field (and celebrate a birthday, while you’re at it!)


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1152 - Gridiron


Perhaps you’ve got a VIP player in mind to showcase on a jersey of your team’s colors. Or maybe you’d like to kick it up a notch to display a work of cake art meticulously shaped like an NFL team helmet.



Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake #733 - Sports Jersey


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 988 - Football Helmet


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1368 - Denver Broncos



Go ahead – it’s Game Day. Choose sides and be sure to gloat when your friends’ teams lose. (Hey! Everybody does it to us!) Just make sure that you’ve got a sweet follow-up for that bitter pill your opponents have to swallow!


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake 1127 - Sports Cupcakes


Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Cake Pops 1121 - Football