1916Gorgeous Chanel Cakes for a Stylish Rendezvous

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw bit into that gourmet vanilla cupcake topped with pink butter cream frosting, America and the rest of the world has been obsessed with these perfectly sized dessert indulgences. Although naysayers have been quick to write them off as just a short term fad and replaced them with doughnuts, cake popsicles and what not – we still love our extravagant cupcakes in Las Vegas.

It’s not as if cupcakes are a new trend, in fact they have been around since the 18th century. But it took the magnetic allure of those Sex and the City ladies to help them gain mainstream popularity. From the start of the millennium when they exploded (not literally) on to the scene, they have witnessed massive popularity and made an indelible impression on popular food culture. They’ve spawned TV shows (remember drooling over all those seasons of Cupcake Wars?) and there are even anytime cupcake vending machines to help you get your stash of instant cupcakes! What’s so great about gourmet cupcakes anyway? Nothing much – it’s just that they’re stylish, glamorous and perfectly proportioned personal indulgences in a diet conscious world! We just can’t seem to resist the sweet temptation of luscious frosting topping these dainty concoctions!
1536.1-Chanel and Pearls
If you’re planning a luncheon meet with your besties or you’re throwing a party for one of your gal pals or even if you just want to share some dessert with your colleagues at the office, our cupcakes in Las Vegas are just the divine delights you need! Just concentrate on enjoying fun moments with good company without the hassle of slicing, serving or worrying about who’s going to get the last slice of cake!

Pastry Palace Las Vegas Cupcakes #1287 - Everywhere Chanel

Everywhere Chanel (1287)

If your BFFs are a bunch of fashionistas, show off your fashion smarts by ordering our Chanel themed cupcakes. Our fashionable cupcakes in Las Vegas have just the right amount of style and designer bling to wow someone with a taste for the finest things in life! We have three designs on offer for you – 1601 – Delicacies by Chanel, 1535 – Cupcakes Chanel Style and 1287 – Everywhere Chanel. All of our designs bring alive the classic elegance the Chanel brand is famous for. While 1287 is a sophisticated black and white affair, 1287 is a dainty treasure and 1535 is simply exquisite. Don’t miss the iconic interlocking double ‘C’ logo – it’s bound to set off a round of ‘oohs’ and ‘aah’s among your stylish friends!
And if you’d like to have an entire box of designer labels, we recommend cake design – 1723 Designer Cupcakes. You might not be able to afford all those exclusive brands but there’s nothing stopping you from tucking into them –cupcake form! Burberry, Christian Dior, Chanel, Tiffany, Louboutin and Louis Vuitton never taste this delicious in real life! Each cupcake has been lovingly created and piled high with decadent white frosting.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas 1115 - Chanel Necessary Accessories

Necessary Accessories (1115)

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