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#1963 – Cosmetology School Graduation

#1963 – Cosmetology School Graduation2015-04-25T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This novelty piece is specifically for that friend or family member who has just completed her studies of cosmetology, in all its various disciplines; not a simple task. Requirements for a cosmetology license vary from state to state, but all require hundreds of hours of classroom training, and additional hours of practical, supervised experience. It also happens to be one of those professions that is highly unlikely to be taken over by “technology”; not a bad choice! A large square tier is iced in “hot pink” and banded at the base by a broad ribbon of black satin. A large black bow adds a touch of finery. The top of the cake is replete with many of the familiar tools of a hair stylist, and make-up artist – scissors, styling combs, hair dryers, and a palette of eye shadows. A mortarboard takes center stage, indicating a successful completion of the aforementioned courses, and 2015 marks the year. A lively and colorful work, this captures the spirit of the occasion in fine fashion!

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