Project Description

Penguins have long been considered the comedians of the animal world. What could be more amusing than a very large bird that has evolved to the point where its feathers have morphed into fins? And have you ever seen them play? In zoos across the world, penguins are always one of the main attractions. Watching them cavort on ice and snow, and swim in the crystal clear water, is always entertaining. We could all learn a lesson from them in how to relax and enjoy life. Not strange, therefore, to use them as symbol of what Phyllis can look forward to, upon her well-deserved retirement. Whether she decides to take an Alaskan cruise to witness the frolicking penguins in person, or decides to do her “chilling” in more tropical climes (think Hawaii or Fiji, here), she’s got a model to base her future on. This rookery of penguins knows how it’s done. Hanging around the old igloo, two of them are floating in the chilly waters, without a care in the world, while the others observe. When it gets too cold, they can go inside this beautifully roomy igloo made of packet snow, made into “bricks” and get warmed up, for awhile, before venturing outside again, for whatever other antics they wish to pursue. Kinda makes ME look forward to retirement myself!