Project Description

Art Deco is an influential visual arts design style that first appeared in France after World War I and began flourishing internationally in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s before its popularity waned after World War II. It is an eclectic style that combines traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials. The style is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation – think “The Chrysler Building”, in New York City – a prime example; or the huge party scene in the most recent iteration of “The Great Gatsby.” This gorgeous piece could get itself added to that list of examples. Done up in black, white, gold, and silver, this lavish three-tiered work is the epitome of the style. Bold vertical stripes in gold, a gold and silver quilted motif against black, and a dazzling sunburst crystal ornament taking center stage on the top tier all add up to an atmosphere simply dripping with opulence. Rows and rows of glittering crystal ribbon add even more sparkle and drama. If it’s elegance and extravagance you seek, look no further than “Sweet 16 a là Art Deco.”