Project Description

This masterpiece is truly one of our designers’ primo achievements in the art of “cakery.” Modest in size, yet ample for the occasion, a square base tier and the smaller round tier placed atop it, are meticulously iced in shimmering white. Around the tiers, heavy gold ornamentation is artfully placed to add texture, richness, and sparkle. A circlet of golden roses rings the top tier, while bands of gold grace the bases of each layer. Individual roses are set at the corners of the square base. Delicate white orchids are air-brushed with the most delicate blush of gold, and a clutch of white peonies, with gold centers, crowns this piece. This particular work was conceived for a 90th birthday – significant, indeed – but it’s clear that such a sumptuous centerpiece would serve beautifully for any birthday, or perhaps even a golden anniversary, or wedding. “Birthday in White and Gold” is a class act for any occasion.