Project Description

This decidedly “wild” take on a welcome home design is an absolute delight! We begin with three large round tiers; each is decorated in some iteration of wildlife, with a common theme of “pink.”. The base tier is a distinctive pink leopard print, with riche vermillion rosettes, outlined in black. The middle tier focuses on a pair of pink elephants, a mother and her baby. The top tier is iced in a glistening white, upon which pink zebra stripes have been applied. Each individual tier has a base of beads, in a complementary color, around its base. The pièce de résistance is a most irresistible pair of baby shoes that matches the pink leopard print of the bottom layer, complete with pink shoe laces. Our designers are clearly up to the task of creating a unique and masterful work of art to live up to your wildest dreams. “Welcome to the Wild Side, Baby Girl!” is just one example of the lengths to which we’ll go!