Project Description

This classy affair is intended for either a baby shower, or a “welcome home, baby girl” party. The base tier is decorated in a classic striped motif – narrow stripes of glistening candy pink alternate with broad stripes of deep rich chocolate brown, against a canvas of shimmering white. The upper tier is saturated in that same candy pink hue, but embellished with overlapping dots of darker pink and brown. The base of each layer is decked out with a strand of large beads, in white, pink and brown, and accoutered by typical “baby-type” items such as adorable pink knitted booties, a few assorted rattles, a pacifier (also in pink – what else??), and a fancy pink bow, to finish off the piece. Perched on the crown of this delightful work is an absolutely darling pair of baby shoes – pink and brown, with pristine white laces. “Candy Pink and Chocolate” is an ideal choice to welcome home the new member of your family!