Project Description

Few occasions are more joyful than welcoming home a new baby! And it looks like this particular little bundle of joy is going to land smack dab in a jungle of cuddly, adorable jungle animals. A single tier, in sky blue, is decorated with coconut palms, fronds swaying in the breeze. There must be a banana tree or two there, as well, as a sleepy little monkey looks like he’s had his fill and is ready for a nap. There’s a giraffe, an elephant, and a zebra, all waiting for Aiden to make his appearance, front and center. At the present time, all we can see of this little guy is his little tush, under a coverlet, and his tiny little feet and toes sticking out, behind him. A baby bottle awaits, close at hand, as well as a pacifier, should it be required. All seems in order here, just waiting for his arrival. “Welcome Home to the Jungle” is a charming work for any baby shower or “Welcome Home” occasion.