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1528-Peacock in Pink

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Project Description

This fanciful and stunning work is unparalleled when it comes to first impressions. Pink being my favorite color, I cannot say enough about this design – especially the choice of color. Four round tiers iced in (what else?) pink are stacked atop one another creating a magnificent platform for this beautiful creature. Peacocks symbolize good luck for any wedding; they bring attributes such as integrity, loyalty, nobility and spirituality. It would be difficult to think of any better wishes for a bride and groom. The four round tiers are handsomely decorated with freestyle artwork, including pink pearls in a “V” motif, adorned with intricate faux beadwork. A drape of pink satin graces the bottom layer, the endpoints accented with pink flowers. The peacock perches watchfully atop a nest of blooms, its tail feathers cascading down the side of the cake. Mystical and majestic, “Peacock in Pink” is the selection for anyone looking for a special flair.

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