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1499 – Si, Acepto! (I Do!)

1499 – Si, Acepto! (I Do!)2013-10-28T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This classic, in black and white, with some “bling” thrown in, for good measure, is a perfect way to announce an engagement – it declares to the world: “She said yes!” Three regal square tiers, in an “offset” stack, are dressed in brilliant white. Each tier has its own broad ribbon band of black satin. The ribbon is embellished with sparkling strand of crystal that reflect the excitement of the occasion. Clutches of dainty white roses and white lilies are placed around the design and the centers of the lilies and the delicate green leaves add just a hint of color. For a formal, or even a more casual engagement affair, “Si, Acepto” possess the style and grace to bedazzle all your guests.

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