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1460 – “The Works”

1460 – “The Works”2013-09-25T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This fusion piece blends conventional and modern approaches to that well-known work, “The Wedding Cake”, to perfection. Beginning with three orthodox square tiers, the first hint that this will certainly not be a humdrum centerpiece is the slightly askew stacking of the three graduated layers. Each square is bordered at its base by a sparkling four-row crystal ribbon that simply dazzles. The top and bottom tiers are iced in a decidedly “avant garde” color for weddings – it’s black! But what a classic look! Etched with a quilted design, tiny silver beads mark the corners of each carved diamond. The middle tier, in pristine “bridal” white is adorned by a prodigious magenta peony, which just might steal the show. The figure atop the cake portraying the bride and groom is another modernistic element, as the couple is not in a customarily stern posture, staring straight ahead, but more relaxed and natural in their stance. All in all, this is a progressive design, and it’s simple to see why our experts call this one “The Works.”

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