Project Description

This is a classically elegant, yet stylishly simple design. Two pristine round white tiers are stacked, then our designers artfully apply hand-drawn artwork of delicate curlicues and tasteful flourishes, also in white, for that “understated” look. Clutches of stunning roses in brilliant turquoise, accompanied by delicate white flowerets, embellish the top edge of the bottom tier and the uppermost crown of the work. Then the base of each tier is finished off with a black “satin-finish” ribbon band in the elegance of black on white, the one on the base tier terminating in a crisp, tidy bow. Cake of this caliber is always welcome, and makes any occasion a little more special. “Roses with a Bow” is one of those adaptable designs that will be at home at any affair, from birthday, to smaller wedding, to that elegant luncheon you are catering “just because.”