Project Description

This creative piece is truly a classic work of art! “Princess Land” depicts three of Disney’s most famous princesses (Aurora [aka Briar Rose], from “Sleeping Beauty”, Cinderella, and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”), sitting side-by-side in a fairy-tale glen, on a marble bench, surrounded by lush rose bushes, a grassy glade, and flowers galore, of many (perhaps even magical!) colors and sizes. It’s certain that these lovely princesses have come together to wish a very special little girl a very happy and charmed birthday. This enchanted clearing in the forest has been created atop a gathering of individual white-cake, chocolate, and red-velvet cupcakes. No doubt, the brilliant color scheme is complements of Flora and Fauna, two of Aurora’s constant protective companions. This design will be sure to charm and delight any young girl and make her feel like a princess, too!