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1369 – Gucci Dollars

1369 – Gucci Dollars2013-08-02T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

For that guest of honor of discriminating tastes, particularly one with a penchant for Gucci, “Gucci Dollars” is the one! Guccio Gucci was a young man from Florence; an immigrant working in hotels in Paris and London, who was impressed by the luxurious luggage belonging to rich and powerful guests. Returning to Florence, he founded his company in 1921, and since then, Gucci has become the biggest-selling Italian brand in the world. Known for quality, opulent leather goods, any connoisseur is familiar with his name and products. Here we have a stunning shoe box (does it contain a pair of those fabulous Gucci loafers?) apparently overflowing with cash. The box is perfect in every detail, including the repeatedly embossed logo, and the trademark green and red ribbon bow. Gold bead trim sets off the design, and surely everyone will be ready to dig in to this treat!

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