Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Specialty Cake 1105 - Rolls Royce

Pastry Palace Las Vegas – Specialty Cake 1105 – Rolls Royce


Sometimes, you just want your cake to look like a car. (No really! We don’t make these things up – our customers do!)

It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 60 years old……..there’s something about re-creating your favorite automobile in cake and icing that makes a celebration super-special.

Take, for example, these two playful creations:

Lightning McQueen - Cake #679

Here, a tasty representation of “Lightning McQueen” – an all-time favorite selection from the “Cars” and “Cars 2” animated films. He’s a sporty little guy (sometimes called “Stickers” by his girlfriend Sally), with a waggish expression on his windshield (well, that’s where his eyes are, anyway!).


Big Red Car from The Wiggles, Cake #296And – it’s the Big Red Car from The Wiggles – bright red, instantly recognizable, and the best friend of children around the world.


But even if it’s been awhile since you were in grammar school, sometimes a ‘first love’ arrived with four whitewalls and a ragtop – like this choice presentation of a stylish 50’s convertible:

50's Convertible, Cake #403

Classic car enthusiasts will appreciate the sleek lines and chrome details seen here – from the front grill to the rear fenders, this is certain to bring back memories of youth, freedom, and simpler times.

A fabulously-sculpted cake can also make a high-end impression, and if your tastes run to the more luxurious, then this Mercedes G-Class SUV might be more up your alley (so to speak!):

Mercedes SUV - Cake #741

“Chrome”-spoked wheels, contrasting pinstripes, and the familiar Mercedes logo makes this a fav of both young and old — those aspiring to own one, or those who already do.

And who can resist the lavish details of the Best-of-the-Best – this delicately crafted miniature duplication of a white Rolls Royce (featuring the personalized license plate of Dr. Dre, even!).


Rolls Royce, Cake #823The familiar RR grille, the gold spoke wheels – even the lush red ‘leather’ interior are shown off to great effect here (almost too lovely to cut into!).


The bottom line is – your celebration is all about YOU! So make it an occasion to remember . . . with a cake you’ll never forget.