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2011 – Chocolate-Banana Shangri-La Verrine

This might just be "The Promised Land" of all desserts. Everyone knows that chocolate has been one of the most favorite foods around the world for decades, and its popularity isn't exactly waning. Luscious and rich chocolate is mixed with ripe tropical banana to create this absolutely Elysian mousse, for your consideration. Smooth, intense, and even breath-taking, this delicacy is certain to transport you to a paradise you may have thought was only mythical. Turns out, this is your ticket! A plethora of crunchy little chocolate pearls for an added kick of texture and counter-point rests atop the creamy mousse. A decorative shard of dark chocolate serves as a "holder" for a chocolate pirouette, "just because." Look no further if you want a dessert for your affair that people will be talking about for years to come!