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#1990 – Red with Black Dots

This birthday design is a combination of simplicity and understated design. For that friend or relative who's not "into" frills or fuss, this is just the ticket. A single large round tier is smoothly covered in brilliant red icing. A modest strand of black beads is piped at the base of the tier, around the entire circumference. An eclectic amalgamation of appears on the top and side of the cake: dots, in flat black and different sizes; hand-drawn curlicues, flourishes, and trailing dots in pristine white; spirals in lacquer black. A "gift tag" is inscribed with the occasion and name of the guest of honor in white cursive (a lot art, by the way). As simple as this design is, it cannot cover up the guilty pleasure of the delectable cake that awaits, just under the surface. Let's dig in!