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#1984 – Patron, Anyone?

For many, Las Vegas and tequila go hand-in-hand. This design is dedicated to that connection. A bounteous round tier in pristine white is decked out to simulate the infamous "roulette wheel." Red and black numbers are all in place, and red and black chips are strewn carelessly around the design, alongside golden coins and stars. In Las Vegas, there are several "tequila" bars that serve the very finest tequilas available anywhere. But when it comes to "sipping tequila", you'd be hard-pressed, at any price, to find a better one than Patron Silver. Not only that, but look at this stunning bottle! A work of art, in itself! Each bottle is hand-blown, and this is a magnificent specimen, complete with signature large, rounded cork, ribbon, and logo, perfect in every detail. If it's an air of excitement you're looking for, this is a tough one to beat!