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#1978 – Penguin Valentines

Penguins are widely considered the comedians of the animal world. Exceptionally playful, they are a huge draw at zoos around the world. Their antics are legendary, and the species has been the subject of several films, both documentary, and animated classic. The two perched atop this work are clearly attached to one another, and their classic "black and white" tuxedos ensure they are dressed properly, for any occasion. They have been lovingly hand-formed, decorated, and placed atop this lovely and romantic heart-shaped tier. The tier is all in purest white, and the base is adorned with a beautiful ruffle in "Valentine" red. Clutches of stunning red roses, on beds of spring green leaves, add even more charm and convey the "love is in the air" message, in fine fashion. For that someone who means the world to you, you could hardly make a better choice!