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#1972 – Pale Pink Wedding Tower

This magnificent wedding centerpiece is nearly beyond verbal description. Five incredible tiers in the palest "blush pink" have arisen, not from the sea, but to the same breathtaking effect as Botticelli's "Birth of Venus." The base tier is square and solid, creating a reliable foundation for the four round tiers, each a work of art unto itself, that rest on top of one another. The three middle tiers are each adorned with a row of tiny luminous pink seed pearls that glisten demurely. The top and base tiers are wrapped in ribbons of glittering crystal. Spectacular hand-drawn artwork of flourishes and curlicues decorates each and every tier, and sparkling starbursts and diamond-like jewels add drama and glamour. A large initial "V" inscribed on the middle tier denotes the newly-weds' surname, and the smallest tier, at the top, is an ideal "take home" for bride and groom, to be shared on their first anniversary, as is customary. This bejeweled and dazzling wedding cake is nothing short of a masterpiece, and it can be yours…