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1882 – Cabbage Patch

The story of being found under a leaf of a cabbage was a time-honored method used by exasperated parents to explain "where babies come from" to inquisitive children. It was tied for popularity with the "stork" legend for many decades. Of course, then the phenomenon known as "Cabbage Patch Kids" took the marketplace by storm in the 1980s, causing mayhem and riots when stores ran out of the dolls, as they flew from the shelves. This little guy doesn't resemble those "odd-looking" dolls in the least - he's far cuter, and more alert. This beautiful hand-molded head of cabbage, in lovely spring green, is a perfect resting place for him. The leaves are all hand-shaped and intricately veined, giving them an appearance of delicacy. Warmed by the sun, and protected by a clutch of ladybugs, he's just waiting to make his big entrance! Lucky the parents who found this baby in the cabbage patch!