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1876 – Vegas 30th

A birthday in Las Vegas has been (and is still!) considered the "ultimate" in celebrations. Everyone knows that there is no place like Las Vegas, if you want to party. It has everything - restaurants, ultra-lounges, entertainment, gambling - what more could you want? This design incorporates just a sampling of the exciting diversions that are available in this incredible city. To mark the occasion of these twins turning 30, a large round tier is iced in sparkling white, and decorated with the iconic symbols of the suits in a deck of cards, the black and red adding color and contrast. The hand of cards notes the year 2014, framed by the first initial of each of the twin's names (Carlos and Nayoli). Casino chips, also in red, black, and white, all with the number 30 on them, are scattered all over the supporting platform. Atop the cake is a replica of the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, in all its glory. "Vegas 30" leaves no room for doubt about the details of this event - it's Carlos' and Nayoli's 30th!!