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1815 – Damask Vegas

This "three-part" drama was produced by our incredibly talented and creative designers. Working with a rather dark theme, black is the base color scheme, here. The three "parts" consist of a base tier, upon which white stripes have been applied to the black canvas, which could conjure up images of a piano's keyboard, or perhaps a very "art moderne" study in contrasts. The middle tier is a "negative" imprint of a traditional "damask" motif, white on black, rather than black on white. The uppermost tier is all black, with the striking accent of a large brilliant red bow, tied around the middle. Crowning the top of this affair is a lighted replica of the world-famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, adding one part "kitsch" to the aforementioned three parts "drama." "Damask Vegas" is really just too perfect, for any event or celebration taking place in "fabulous Las Vegas."