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1812 – Baby Feet

This colorful design in delicate pastels is just the thing for a baby shower, or "Welcome Home Baby" affair. Appropriate for either sex baby (for that traditional couple who doesn't "want to know"), these shades of yellow, green, and blue will play well for either a baby girl or baby boy. The pristine white base color is the perfect canvas to show off these cheerful stripes, large beads that trim the base of each tier, the triads of jaunty little dots, and last, but not least, those little silhouettes of bare baby's feet, all five toes perfectly intact, on each one. Atop this piece, in a pose that exudes a sprightly and high-spirited attitude, a pair of stylish baby shoes, in fashionable mint green, is carefully placed. Whether it's a boy or a girl, chances are, this baby will be up and running before the parents can believe it! Make sure you get a picture of "Baby Feet" before they're all grown up!