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1800 – Fantasy Cupcakes

This collection of individual "cakelets" is just absolutely perfect for any occasion. Whether you're just having a catered lunch for the girls, a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, you simply cannot go wrong with these delectable, fabulous morsels. Cupcakes of white cake and deep rich chocolate cake are piled high with luscious white frosting. Then our decorating experts take over. Each one is given its own distinctive design, and each is a work of art. Stunning, hand-crafted, and artistically tinted flowers are carefully placed in a masterful fashion, worthy of a fine artiste. Delicate and fanciful butterflies seem to float from one cupcake to the next. Large bows in bright pink are also utilized to great effect. There is truly something here for everyone - each one, pretty as the proverbial "picture." If you want to make an impression, "Fantasy Cupcakes" is a sure way to accomplish that goal.