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1785 – Ariel’s Kingdom

This stunning work contains all the grace, charm, and enchantment of Ariel, in her native habitat. Two round tiers in ocean blue provide the setting, and infrastructure for a lovely collection of underwater flora and fauna, as well as a meditation space for Ariel. As she contemplates her life, and her dreams, the ocean soothes her mind as well as her body, and she is reminded of her bond with the sea. Underwater plants are buffeted by deep currents, and bubbles from the exhalations of small colorful creatures float to the surface. Beneath the platform that supports the main piece, a plethora of frothy, delicate cupcakes is arrayed, each iced in a paler blue, and studded with colorful representations of the life that abounds beneath the surface of the earth's great oceans. What more could any young girl want for her birthday centerpiece? "Ariel's Kingdom" is an elegant and graceful affair, just waiting for you!