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1763 – Quinceañera in Pink

The Latin American custom of the "Quinceañera" denotes the transition of a girl to womanhood, when she turns 15 years of age. Customs differ from country to country, some celebrations emphasizing more religious overtones. But nearly all of the events include an atmosphere not unlike that of a debutante ball, and some level of pageantry. The celebrant is typically dressed in a fancy gown, and accompanied by her father, when she makes her entrance, and a great deal of dancing and eating is part and parcel of the occasion. Some rituals, such as a candle-lighting, take place, and at the end of the event, the girl has made her transition to adulthood - no longer to be treated as a child. This charming work contains elements the childhood being left behind - strands of small, colorful beads - along with tokens of the woman she is becoming - a fashionable purse and stylish high heels. The color scheme is in shades of pink, and a pale gold which adds a touch of glamour. Stunning blooms of many different flowers are placed everywhere here, connoting femininity and grace. "Quinceañera in Pink!" is the perfect centerpiece for this important and life-changing event.