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1723 – Designer Cupcakes

These little dainties are all dressed up, and ready to go anywhere. Cupcakes are just the perfect way to go for a luncheon, and these are sure to make an impression. Individual servings of chocolate, or scrumptious white cake are piled high with luscious, creamy white frosting, then topped with a disk upon which one of several luxury brand logos is emblazoned. All your favorites are here: Burberry, Christian Dior, Chanel's famous interlocking "C"s, Louis Vuitton, the unmistakable "Tiffany" blue, with white ribbon bows, and LouBoutin. There's enough "Rodeo Drive" here to satisfy anyone's tastes. Every one of these brands represents unsurpassed quality, and the person who shops them is clearly a very discerning consumer with impeccable taste. "Designer Cupcakes" will make a statement at your affair.