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1596 – Honda VTEC Supreme

The Honda brand has long been synonymous with "quality." With an electronically-controlled variable valve timing and lift mechanism, this "super sports" engine is a prime example of why. Honda's engineers, pursuing high RPMs and high output on a par with the best racing engines, developed the incredibly high-powered DOHC VTEC engine, taking both high-speed and low-speed performance to a new level. Obviously, Ray is a fan of this engine, and who could blame him? This custom novelty design is also a brilliant example of the detail our designers integrate into every work they create. From the hand-molded shape, to the color, to the detail of the bolts, and the logo, precision is the name of their "game." I only hope someone doesn't mistake this for the real thing and try to install it into their car! "HONDA VTEC Supreme" is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.