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1595 – Vuitton in Pink

In one respect, this design might be referred to as "understated" - after all, the traditional "LV" is not prominently splashed all over the piece. On the other hand, this pearlized pink could not be considered "passive" or "restrained" in any way, either. It would certainly light up a dark room! This work is simply exquisite, from top to bottom. Beautifully hand-molded, its finish emulates fine leather, demurely embossed with the other tell-tale logos that belong to the world-renown Louis Vuitton brand. The detailed stitching attaches the handles to the body of the bag, and shiny brass hardware, including zipper, adds to the authentic look of the piece. In fact, this replica has been created with such fantastic attention to minutia that one might hesitate to cut into it. But don't make that mistake! If you think the outside is perfection, wait until you get to the richness inside! "Louis, in Pink" is one of those works in which our designers take great pride. We hope you agree!