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1571 – Glass of Merlot

Here we have but another example of the brilliance of our designers. This is how you do it, friends! Placed as it is on this silvered platter, this hand-molded design takes on the aspect of actually being a clear wine glass, appropriate filled to just the right place with a deep, rich, red wine. The stem, base, and "top half" of the glass are cleverly iced in a "frosted-looking" white that appears translucent. The "wine" in the tulip-shaped glass takes on the ruby-color of a classic Merlot or perhaps a Cabernet Sauvignon. Any oenophile can tell you what food pairings are appropriate for any color or varietal of wine. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon is known to be an excellent pairing with chocolate cake, while Chardonnay is the preferred pairing for vanilla cake (so this one wouldn't do, at all!). So, if Judy, Robin, and Heidi are all connoisseurs of red wine/s, better do your homework to provide the perfect pairing! "Ã votre sante!"