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1563 – Michael Kors

As everyone knows, "Michael Kors" is known designing classic American sportswear for women. He began designing clothes while still a teenager. His mother was a former model, and the talent and interest in the industry might have been "in his genes", as they say. Of late, he has also found great success in designing high-end fashion accessories, just like this one. In the last 10 or so years, handbags have become much less a way to carry necessities than a fashion statement. Women today collect handbags the way they used to accumulate shoes. And who can blame them, with this charming little item just begging to be picked up? The hand-molded shape perfectly depicts the style and elegance of the brand. The smooth leather look and texture, the exquisitely detailed stitching, and the unmistakable logo are all hallmarks that will be instantly noticeable to the discerning consumer. Add to that the $100 poking out of the top, and lying about, you've got an instant hit of a centerpiece for that "Sweet 16" birthday party. Just like the original handbag, EVERYone will want one!