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1559 – Dalmation Spots

This charming collection of finery is certain to bring cheer to any occasion. The focus of this piece is the large single tier at the top, iced (appropriately) in white, then studded with different sizes of black "Dalmatian Spots." A sturdy red puppy collar (a "must have" accessory for any Dalmatian), with a golden tag emblazoned with a large "J" is fastened around the tier. Below, on two pedestals supported by columns, is a dainty and enchanting selection of individual "cakelets." These scrumptious petite morsels are gems, every one. The chocolate cakelets are iced with white, and each has its own indentifying pawprint on top. The vanilla yummies are iced in an elegant lighter "chocolate mousse" icing, and each is embossed with a delightful doggie biscuit. How could anyone pass this one up? For any canine-lover, or for an adoption occasion, or simply "just because it's so darn cute!", "Dalmatian Spots" is for YOU!