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1544-Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen is a year to celebrate, for any young lady. It's a time when many possibilities are spotlighted. In most states, 16 is the age at which a drivers' license may be obtained. Being "mobile" is just the beginning of independence - so many more opportunities await for someone who "has wheels." This lovely work celebrates all the potentialities that freedom can bring. A large single round tier is drenched in brilliant white. A harlequin motif of diamonds in several colors is applied to the side, and all the diamonds are accented with silver beads at each corner. At the base of the tier is a shining band of silver, upon which delicate filigree is applied. A similar band encases the top of the tier ornamented with a majestic crest which is centered over the silver shield displaying the numeral "16." A beautiful white peony is placed atop the design alongside an oval outlined in silver beads which contains the birthday greeting. "Sweet 16" is presented on a silver "charger", and would be perfectly apropos to bestow to royalty; a noble effort by our creative designers.