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1541-Go, Saints!

They almost got to the Super Bowl, this year - just couldn't get past those darned Seahawks! But that doesn't take anything away from this powerhouse team. The Saints, led by Drew Brees, are already gearing up for next season. Their fans are second to none, and the entire town of New Orleans lives and dies, each Sunday, during the season, depending on the outcome of the weekly game. This single tier pays homage to the team, utilizing its distinctive colors, black and gold, in a striped motif, against a background of glistening white. Large black and white beads ring the base of the tier, and tiny little footballs are placed strategically around the cake. The Saints' "Fleur de Lis" logo is emblazoned atop the design, and a team jersey, with the name "Ford" and the number "21" on it, lies at the base of the cake. If Ford is a Saints' fan, "Go, Saints!" will certainly be a "bomb" of a selection.