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Depending upon who you might ask, Sasquatch (or more commonly known as "Bigfoot") is either a mythological creature, not unlike a unicorn, or a "half-man, half-ape" creature who stands between 6 ½ and 9 feet tall, and might weigh upwards of 500 pounds. The creature is said to be covered almost completely in brow or reddish fur and casts made from alleged footprints have been as long as 24", hence the nickname "Bigfoot." As recently as January, 2014, a claim was made by a man that he shot and killed one near San Antonio, TX, in 2012. This novelty design might not be 9 feet tall, but it is a remarkable likeness of the creature, as described by those who claim to have seen one. Our expert designers have taken into account every detail, including the very large feet. This might be that perfect selection for a "believer", a researcher, or even a skeptic; whichever, "Sasquatch" is sure to make an impression at your event!