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1437 – Take a Bow

This attractive centerpiece is sure to garner admiration from one and all. A single round tier, in purest white, is wrapped up in ribbon bands in two blushing shades of pink. A monumental and luxuriant "fabric" bow rests atop this single tier, draping gracefully down the side. A large brilliant starburst crystal ornament in the center of the bow serves as the focal point of this design, sending shards of light in every direction, as a single strand of sparkling crystal rings the base of this tier, functioning as a finishing touch. Many different elements and textures are utilized in the composition of this work of "les beaux arts." From the look and feel of finest "satin" evidenced in the bow, to the diamond-like hardness of the glittering crystals, "Take a Bow" reaches new heights in the art of "cakery."