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1382 Nightmares

1382 – Nightmares

This macabre affair is certainly for those who enjoy "Nightmares"! A tower of four off-kilter tiers, done up in "nightmare grey", airbrushed with wisps of black, are chock full of haunting images from bad dreams, and horror movies. Ghosts, ghouls, Jack-o-lanterns, and monsters of every imaginable variety are represented in this menacing (and frightening!) landscape. Anyone would be terrified to open one of those doors! Who knows what evil lurks within? Of course, staying outside might not be the safest option, either. But the strange couple at the precipice of this design seems to be at peace, among a bier of beautiful flowers, and perhaps this is where they choose to hold their wedding vows. Not for everyone, but for those so inclined, this might be the perfect selection - perhaps a "Halloween"-themed wedding is the occasion.