Adorable Baby Cushie Cakes to Welcome the New Angel

Complete the sentence – The chocolate mousse was as smooth as a ___? You get it right if you thought “like a baby’s bottom.” Tushie, bottom, bum – call it what you like, but cute pictures of babies’ derrières have been melting people’s hearts, way before Kim K broke the internet with hers. And we gotta tell you, baby shower cakes in Las Vegas featuring babies sleeping on their tummies, with their adorable tushies lifted up have been holding steady sway in the popularity stakes.

Baby shower for girl butt shaped

The idea of baby showers gets us all excited! We understand that a baby shower is a wonderful occasion of celebration, of conveying best wishes to the proud parents- to- be and to welcome a brand new precious life into this world – an adorable person who will charm us with his or her innocence and cuteness – well, at least till the teenage years start to show their effects! And what better way to add fun to the celebrations than by having a baby shower cake in Las Vegas featuring a baby’s bottom as the centerpiece and showstopper at the party – it’s bound to put a smile on the mom to be as well as the guests.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - Baby Shower Cake #1118

Baby Bubbles (1118)

Did you know that newborns urinate once every 20 minutes? And they wake up once every two hours to be fed? The period after the first 2-3 months is when babies finally start sleeping soundly during the night and for longer durations. It’s also the time when they start looking their cutest and most adorable. Well, there are lots of things a baby is going to teach parents that simply won’t be found in parenting books.

BS19-baby bottom shower cake

Have you ever seen a baby sleeping on its tummy? It’s such a cuteness overload you won’t be able to get back to your normal routine!  Our talented cake artists capture these details perfectly. Just take a look at 1253 – Tushie in Pink, 1242 – Baby Behind, 1019- Baby Girl Tushie, 1134 – Toes and Tushie, 249 – Baby Girl Toes, and 1747 – Welcome Home to The Jungle for some ideas. If you already know the sex of the baby and it’s going to be a baby girl, you can consider 1253, 1019, and 249 – all of them featuring pink as the color. Notice the adorable details including the perfectly formed toes, the frilly diaper, the cute skirt and those playful polka dots. If the parents –to- be are expecting a baby boy, you may consider 1242 and 1134 that feature the color blue and some additional masculine elements. If you’d like to see some vibrancy, consider 1747 that features adorable jungle animals that seem to be waiting for their new friend to arrive into this world.

Pastry Palace Las Vegas - 271 Baby Shower

Baby Boy Booties (271)

We absolutely LOVE making baby shower cakes in Las Vegas! Call us and we’ll discuss some designs you won’t be able to resist!