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1908 – Elsa’s Crown

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Project Description

This elegant design is unmistakably from our incredibly popular “Frozen” collection, but a more sedate version, without characters or castles. Here we have two simple round tiers, resting on a silvered platter.. The base tier in sparkling white is ornamented with a plethora of delicate lacey snowflakes, in ice blue, white, and silver. The top tier in blue serves as support for the large silver numeral “2”, and the banner announcing the birthday girl’s name. Perched atop this tier is a beautiful replica of Elsa’s ice crown, complete with a large silver snowflake embellishment. Perfect for the two-year-old who cannot get enough of “Frozen”, but also for the adult guests who have “had enough” of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, et al. It’s a win/win design!

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