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1770 – Tufted White & Pink Roses

1770 – Tufted White & Pink Roses2014-08-04T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

This gorgeous piece is not only stunning in appearance, it is one of our most versatile pieces. This single round tier in white is meticulously “quilted”, not simply with diamond shapes, but each diamond is painstakingly “stitched” for a more realistic semblance. Tiny pink pearls accent each corner of each diamond, and a ribbon of pale pink “satin” edges the base of the tier, finishing off the look. Crowning this elegant affair is a cluster of dark pink roses that can only be described as extraordinary. The language of colors of roses is a complex and confusing one, but in general, they confer admiration, in one way or another. There can be no doubt that these impressively perfect blooms denote respect, devotion, and affection. The “baby’s breath” interspersed with the flowers adds a lightness and charm to the work, as does the pink organza ribbon strands. This work is perfection for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, “just because”, intimate wedding, congratulations, “Bon Voyage”, or just about anything you can conceive. You cannot miss the mark with “Tufted White & Pink Roses.”

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