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1336 – Graduate With Style

1336 – Graduate With Style2013-06-30T00:00:00+00:00

Project Description

Just like every student has a personality of their own – there’s no reason that when they finally get to celebrate their passage from school to ‘real world’ they shouldn’t get to show their own sense of style. This topsy-turvy design is a perfect example. Three tiers high, each with a bit of character all its own. On the bottom, bright blue Harlequin diamonds adorn the face, layered with a fondant representation of the graduate’s class year. The center tier features bold black zebra stripes, with a black diamond and single initial showing. And the top tier is – what else? A bright blue mortarboard cap complete with braided pink tassel. Add some coordinating pink ribbons surrounding the bottom two tiers, and you have the makings for a fun and quirky graduation event.

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