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At this point in time, anyone who hasn’t seen the critically acclaimed and phenomenally commercially successful movie “Frozen” must have been living in a cave since 2013. This movie has been captivating young and old with its story and its brilliant music, all over the world, since it premiered. Due to the extremely popular film, our designers have created an entire line of cakes on the “Frozen” theme. In this particular piece, Olaf, the childhood snowman that Anna and Elsa built years ago, and whom Elsa inadvertently brought to life, takes center stage. Olaf is a bit of a strange snowman in that he constantly fantasizes and dreams about being in warm places, such as tropical islands. Here he is, in a grass skirt, with a ukulele in his hands, ready for some sunshine! Beneath him is a stunning round tier in ice blue, with a snowy border, and a large picture of the main characters in the movie: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf (of course), and Prince Hans. Alongside the “main event” are several individual cupcakes, iced alternately in ice blue and snow white. And can’t you just hear Olaf singing “In Summer”? “Olaf’s Tropical Dreams” will be a special treat for anyone whose favorite character in the movie is this lovable snowman who likes hugs!

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