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This decidedly dainty design is a study in pink and white, and absolutely irresistible to anyone who has a propensity to “think pink!” The color pink has come a long way in the last several decades. Once the purview of little girls and feminine frills, pink has been recognized in many cultures and periods for a plethora of characteristics. Chief among them were innocence and tenderness. Only since the 1950s has it been perceived and promoted as primarily a color for girls and women. Be that as it may, it has been found increasingly evident in men’s clothing, of late. This lovely piece consists of two generous round tiers – one in sparkling white, the other in a most delicate shade of pale pink. The white tier is embellished with two undulating rows of graceful cherry blossoms with gold centers. The gold beaded accent is also reflected at the base of each tier with a strand of the same tiny gold beads. A large and tidy bow in white also surrounds the bottom layer. Atop all of this loveliness rests a golden crown, just fit for the guest of honor. “Dainty in Pink & White” is simply perfection!

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