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This fairy-tale classic is right out of the classic story of the princess who pricked her finger on a spinning wheel, and slept for 100 years. Four layers of cake, iced in brilliant white, form a veritable tower of cakery. Each tier is wrapped at its base in a sparkling ribbon of crystal, edged with golden beads. Beautiful roses are an allusion to the forest glen when the princess (Aurora, aka Briar Rose) spent her youth. The castle stands atop the cake, accompanied by towers with golden spires, along the way. Aurora and her prince await the ceremony that will join them in matrimony, but this dramatic and fearsome dragon has other ideas! Winding itself from the base to the top of the cake, Maleficent has turned herself into a fierce dragon to thwart the Prince’s efforts to save Aurora. The Prince is ultimately victorious, but only by magical help. It would certainly take magic of some kind to defeat this awesome creature. “Dragon at the Castle” is a dream-come-true for any little princess’ birthday!

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