Frozen Again


Oh, “Let It Go” already! (Be honest now, you know you’ve heard that song about 287 gajillion times, right?)


But the thing is, “Frozen” is now a part of our culture. Our heritage. Our personal anthology. Of our really awesome collection of animated Disney videos that we’ll be watching and sharing with our kids, and our kids’ kids, for decades to come. It’s captured the hearts and minds of children everywhere – so it only makes sense that it’s going to be showing up on their birthday cakes, too!


Here at Pastry Palace, it’s a wonder that our kitchen hasn’t been snowed in (even if we ARE in Las Vegas) with all the “Frozen” theme cakes we’ve been making. And it’s a blast (of cold air) just to see what new designs we can conjure up for our customers (which is limited, of course, only by their imagination). Besides, it just feels cooler to craft snowflakes and ice castles (no small feat in our town).


So let’s just get a nice start to some of our simple and elegant designs, like this single round tier – adorned with icy blue fondant – that proves to be the cave Elsa is peering out at the birthday celebrant from (slightly tweaked on the second example which includes the ever-so-happy Olaf providing his support from outside in the snow):


1602 – Frozen


1672 - Frozen - Elsa & Olaf

1672 – Frozen – Elsa & Olaf



Then we move on to a delightful rectangular sheet cake, topped with Elsa’s castle towering over the scene below, and then the lovely tall circular tier adorned with snowflakes, iced trees, and an ‘ocean’ of ice:


1905 - Frozen - Elsa's Castle

1905 – Frozen – Elsa’s Castle


1864 - Frozen With Snowflakes

1864 – Frozen With Snowflakes


For those who want a little more whimsy (or maybe Olaf’s just your fav!) — we have a bit of the tropics on the tundra ( can’t you just hear Olaf singing “In Summer”?) — and a collection of some of the happiest cupcakes we’ve ever seen.


1852 - Frozen - Olaf's Tropical Dreams

1852 – Frozen – Olaf’s Tropical Dreams


1918 - Frozen - Olaf Cupcakes


Moving on through the winter wonderland – we have those who want to attain new heights, which is precisely what these stunning representations offer . With a multitude of adornments – from a crown in honor of the birthday girl – to a splendor-ific time being had by Olaf, the happy couple, and the rest of the Frozen Friends – it’s almost like watching the movie all over again (and getting to eat it right afterwards).


1908 - Frozen - Elsa's Crown

1908 – Frozen – Elsa’s Crown

1802 - Frozen Splendor Too

1802 – Frozen Splendor Too


1919 - Steps to Elsa's Castle

1919 – Steps to Elsa’s Castle


And finally, you want to talk “drama” on ice? How about Elsa in this delightful rendition of her stunning gown (with Olaf, of course, lending a helping “stick” by her side).


Pastry Palace Kids Cake #1633 - Frozen (Elsa & Olaf)

1633 – Frozen (Elsa & Olaf)


We’d go on, but we decided it was actually time to Let It Go. (chuckle!)  Even so, it’s obvious that the movie “Frozen” will surely retain its place in our cinematic history . . . as will the many ways we can dream up to honor its characters and their many achievements in icy(ing) magnificence.