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The Less is More Lifestyle

The Less is More Lifestyle2017-08-29T00:00:00+00:00

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The Less is More Lifestyle


Typically, trends require their followers to flock to the stores or online ordering platforms to purchase the latest baubles, there’s one style cropping up everywhere that encourages you to simplify – minimalism.

Made famous by the Kon Mari method of eliminating anything from your life that does not bring you joy, minimalism has gathered fame as books, blogs, and news feeds showcase the beauty of simplicity.

Both a style and a way of life, minimalist fashion focuses on enduring silhouettes and colors that are simple, striking, and never go out of style. Think Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant – still classy today, decades after their movies have been made. The full skirts and slim pants on Audrey, along with her cropped tresses and cool sunglasses, capture the essence of effortless chic. Cary Grant is virtually unthinkable without his iconic tailored suits and perfectly professional haircut. If you’ve noticed that simple accessories and black-and-white wardrobes are making a comeback, you have minimalism to thank.

More than a wardrobe choice, however, minimalism is changing the way people look at their entire lives, from interior design to weddings. Move over busy color schemes – the reign of the neutral color palettes is here. Gray, white, and black are everywhere and looking good while they’re at it. The concept of “negative space,” a fundamental in photography and graphic design, means that space left “empty” can be more striking and artistically effective than overcrowding. A good example of this is the White Rose Affair, which incorporates the simplicity of smooth white fondant and a stunning black and white color scheme to emphasize the show-stopping white roses.



So what does the minimalist movement mean for weddings? Like we’ve already highlighted, neutral color palettes are the rule, often accented with a simple color drawn from nature, like a leaf-green or soft bark brown. Fresh flowers and leaves are also very popular and recall the simplicity of a country village wedding in times gone by. For a summer wedding, flowers like daisies or sunflowers are especially appropriate – consider our Sunflowers wedding cake. The unfinished edges of the burlap ribbon and high contrast of the decorations further emphasize the simplicity theme. 



Finally, minimalism doesn’t necessarily have to fogo whimsy. Minimalists are famous for unexpected touches – like sending home little bottles of olive oil or handmade soap as favors instead of the more traditional candy or cookies. With the cake, unusual shapes and combines traditional and modern styles show the couple’s playful style while maintaining simplicity. The showpiece for this kind of fun is Lace and Peonies. Classic black lace and cheerful poppies accent the bold color contrast and unique construction of this fashionable cake.



With all of the options available for wedding themes and styles, minimalism is quickly gaining traction. Though simplicity is the watchword, there are endless ways to personalize the minimalist trend – and one of those is by finding the perfect cake. Drop us an email anytime – we would love to help you create the Las Vegas wedding cake of your dreams!

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