Project Description

If the color theme here were red, white, and blue, this design would resemble a star-spangled banner, but in this iteration, it simply says “Wowza!” Two large round tiers are dressed to dazzle in this piece. The bottom tier has a pristine white background that shows off a leopard print, done up in fuchsia, set off by bold black. A leopard print, in any color, denotes strength, speed, and magical qualities; all of great significance, for a birthday celebration. The top tier is primarily in fuchsia, accented by bold black abstract stripes. Single strands of large black beads finish off the base of each tier. A huge, multi-looped bow in black and white crowns this affair, and five-pointed stars in fuchsia and black, attached to wires, explode from the top and sides of the cake. If excitement and drama are your end goals, you cannot go wrong with this selection!