Project Description

Who knew that Prada made such a fabulous shoe?? This America’s Cup Navy Blue and Silver High-Top sneaker is just about the snazziest thing we’ve ever seen in an athletic shoe. For that woman who needs to be in top form every time she leaves her house, this novelty design will fill that bill. Starting with the box, our designers have outdone themselves with this sleek and glossy silver “shoebox” that fairly glistens. A reproduction of the famous Prada logo is executed in meticulous detail atop the box. An unbelievably life-like facsimile of the sneaker itself is perched on the box, just begging to be laced up on the proper foot. The incredible attention to every aspect of construction and design of the shoe is nothing short of amazing. The patina of fine leather, the look of rubber on the sole, and the intricate stitching is all crowned with the red stripe with PRADA proudly printed in white, on the tongue of the shoe. For that woman with impeccable style, this design is the ticket!